About us
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At Droxtech we are gathered by enthusiasm of technology and to share our passion and technology industry insight with our readers and reviews. This means providing high quality and timely coverage of the ever-evolving range of products on the market, be it computers, smartphones, gaming or photography – we have you covered!

Our aim is to be the central hub on the web for commentary and breaking news on the hottest titles and products in development. In this capacity we guide you right the way from the earliest conception to final release – with insight and facts all along the journey. We are your one-stop-shop for a regular new technology fix!

Unlike mainstream technology coverage websites we fulfill a unique and highly differentiated role. Nothing is more exciting than the cutting-edge products currently being tested, worked and modeled in labs across the world. Rather than telling you about what you can see, touch and buy already we make it our job to show you what you’ll be using in several months down the line – the products of tomorrow that will become essentials in their own right.

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