AmpMe Allows Devices, Whether Android Or IOS, To Become Multi-Room Speakers

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AmpMe was one simple app available for users to get music amplified by pairing and syncing them on smartphones. Now it’s getting even better as AmpMe is extending the reach of its portable sound system with the addition of support for Bluetooth speakers. You can now sync music from YouTube and SoundCloud’s apps with any supported speaker. This comes just after the company’s app has been downloaded more than 3 million times.

The idea is that AmpMe helps audiophiles create their own sound system without having to purchase complicated software or hardware. You only need your speakers and phones plus the AmpMe app to make it a reality.



A single device acts as the host, to which multiple devices can be tuned in to stream the music over to them. AmpMe also doesn’t sets a limit on the number of devices to which music can be streamed at a time, which is good considering that the feature comes free of charges.

The AmpMe team has also found a clever way to fix those slight delays in the syncing. If your speaker or phone is lagging behind (or running ahead of) the others, you just adjust a slider in the app. The app will even learn how much delay your phone is dealing with over time so that you don’t always have to make those adjustments.

Currently, the service only supports the music you have stored locally, along with SoundCloud and YouTube. However, company chief executive Martin-Luc Archambault said that he’s working on adding “two big sources” in the next three months and hopes to have 20 sources in the next couple of years.

AmpMe definitely lets you amp up the music in any party. As you know, a party will not be a party without some cool music. Turn up volume and dance away!

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