Facebook Launches Video App On Samsung Gear VR

By Stephen Portell On 18 Mar, 2017 At 11:44 AM | Categorized As Apps & Softwares | With 0 Comment

Facebook is launching its own 360 degree video app on the Samsung Gear Virtual Relaity Headset – the first officially Facebook branded VR social app has released. The newly released app is not a full version of the social network. The app will show 360 degree photos and videos from your feed and timeline, as well as a more general field of media companies and selected individuals, and anything you have saved from the News Feed on desktop or mobile. In this app you will be also able to post reactions to videos and share the videos themselves to Facebook. The company claims that the more social features on this app to be coming soon.

Facebook_360 APPFacebook 360 degree videos have been appearing in the Samsung Gear VR’s video app for quite some time, and the users can already log into Facebook and post reaction emoji. The Facebook also owns the Oculus that is co-created the Gear VR. The company has set the Facebook 360 names on a spatial audio platform and a 360 degree camera. It is an exciting new way to explore Facebook 360 photos and videos.

With more than 25 million 360 photos and more than 1 million 360 videos posted on Facebook to date, there is plenty of great content to discover in Facebook 360. The newly arrived app is a one-stop shop for chatting up on what you may have missed from your facebook friends and others you follow, diving into the 360 photos and videos you have saved and finding something new and special to enjoy.

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