Facebook Update Letting Users Capture 360-degree Photos

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Facebook – the most popular social media platform all over the world has just updated with the new 360-degree feature. The company has just announced that the Facebook users can now shot 360-degree photos by using its in-app camera and can share them on their Timeline. So you don’t need to use third-party app for capturing 360-degree images. The company announced that the new update rolls out globally for both Android and IOS customers.

Facebook 360-degree feature

The new feature also comes with the ability to zoom and you can also tag your 360-image to your friends. According to the reports, these 360-degree images or those from any other sources can be used as “Cover Photos”. The newly arrive feature is similar to the panoramic images.

“This is just the beginning, and Facebook is excited to continue investing its computer vision and AI tech into helping its users share their world with others,” the company said.

How Does It Work?

To capture a 360-degree photo on Facebook app, you have to update your app first. Once the update process has completed, you need to just click the 360-degree option from the top of your news feed. After selecting the 360-degree option, you have to press the blue button and need to follow the path from start to finish until they have taken a complete panorama. And then select the starting view what you want within the image.

When you capture the 360-degree image, the app will show you an option to share it to your Timeline. If you want, you can also share it in your albums, add it to a group, or also used as cover photo. This is the first time when the company has updated the format of cover photos since launching the feature way back in 2011.

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