Google seems to be rolling out a new feature in search results that adds a “Personal” tab

By Mayor James On 1 Nov, 2017 At 04:54 PM | Categorized As Apps & Softwares, Featured | With 0 Comment

Google recently added a new feature ‘Personal’ tab in the search results to show content from the private sources like Google Photos library and Gmail account. The new tab is placed just under the Google ‘More’ tab option and is available on demand. The tab shows user all the photos and emails on users Google account that simply contains the word user typed as a search query.

However, for that moment, it only appears that the Personal tab is always the last one item in the ‘More’ menu. option This is the case through various search terms that readily bring up Gmail and Calendar cards in the main ‘All’ tab.


In March, company introduced shortcuts on the Google Search app for iOS, Android, and on the phone web that gives you the ability to explore deeper within topics you really care about.

The feature works on both the web browser and the phone versions of Google, which means you can use it to find your personal data without opening up loads of extra apps or browser tabs. To make sure that nobody raises false concern about the privacy problem, Google added a notice on this new feature stating that ‘only you can see these results.

We have also out to Google for more detail as to when you can expect to see the Personal filter on your own accounts, and we will continue to update the post as we get more detail.

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