Microsoft claims to have created the “fastest pen in the world”

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Microsoft recently announced the next generation of its popular Surface Pro along with an upgraded pen, which he called ‘the fastest digital pen on the planet’ at an event in Shanghai. It is supposedly fast enough that it will feel more like you are writing on paper than glass. It is quite simple actually: after years of research, Microsoft has finally been able to make a stylus that works with almost no visual delay, a paramount change in the experience.

A number of years inside the making, the brand new hardware quickens the surface inking revel in so there’s no greater perceived lag. Microsoft is promising up to 13.5 hours of battery life. The video indicates features which includes LTE advanced connectivity, upgraded sound and an Intel center i7 seventh-gen processor.

Surface Pen

Another part of the Surface Pen experience magic is the PixelSense Accelerator, a piece of custom silicon that enhances colors and interaction for the 12.3″ PixelSense display on the Surface Pro.

There’s also a whopping 4,096 strain factors, and also reduced parallax (the mismatch among in which input appears onscreen and in which your pen is), and an Apple Pencil-style tilt function that lets you observe creative prospers like shading.

The new Pen will be available in black, cobalt blue, platinum and burgundy colors (to match your Surface Pro or Surface Laptop, naturally). The Pen will be backwards compatible with earlier Surface devices, but certain aspects like Tilt might not work. Microsoft has not revealed stand-alone pricing, but it is promising that its upgraded stylus will be available in the coming days.

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