SoundCloud has updated its iOS app with support for Google Chromecast

By Mayor James On 8 Apr, 2017 At 08:53 PM | Categorized As Apps & Softwares, Featured | With 0 Comment

SoundCloud announced a new update to the iOS app that adds one highly missed features: Chromecast support. Almost two years after the support for feature arrived on the Android version. SoundCloud already compatible with devices like Sonos speaker, and Android folks had Chromecast integration since 2015.

‘With SoundCloud and Google Chromecast support, you can stream everything you want, the way you want, through your Television and speakers,’ SoundCloud wrote in a blog post. This streaming service’s app for iPad and iPhone user has just been updated to support Google Chromecast, enabling users to play music through more devices. At least it is better late than never.



Both Android and iOS user can also cast songs from SoundCloud Go+ — SoundCloud’s paid subscription service and Spotify rival, which runs $10 per month. It’s already change for Android but now it also change for iOS. After you have started playing a song over Chromecast, SoundCloud offers up track and album suggestions for adding to the currently streamed track list. Multiple users can control what is playing, along with a new shared playback feature. The company says that they have updated their mobile apps over the board and streamlined the whole experience for more sophisticated sound system and consistent playback.

Moreover, SoundCloud Go+ subscribers are able to stream entire catalogs to their TV sets. These additional features are available now on the App Store. Along with the Chromecast feature. This app remains massively popular, even if it is continuously bleeding cash.

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