Buick Avista Received The 2016 Concept Car Of The Year

By Mayor James On 21 Sep, 2016 At 09:31 PM | Categorized As Automobiles | With 0 Comment

The dynamic Buick Avista concept was named the Most Significant Concept Vehicle of 2016. The Avista drew praise from the panel of automotive journalists who named it both Most Significant and Best Concept Car, an award selected from the winners of three categories of concept vehicle which debuted in North America over the last year.

The Avista is a swoopy 2+2 coupe (meaning it has 2 vestigial rear seats, but is mainly designed for two adult passengers) that debuted at the North American International Auto Show, incorporating the Chevy Camaro’s platform into a very, very different design language. The rear-wheel drive concept powered by a 400-horsepower twin-turbo V-6 that would probably motivate it very well and assuming it ends up on the production line.
In terms of the New Buick styling, what stands out most is the grille. One of Buick’s most recognizable design cues of the past 60-some years has been the “waterfall grille” and its flowing vertical slats. The new Avista sports a chainmail-type mesh that reminds us of the treatment used on Cadillac’s high-performance V-series models, punctuated here by the Buick tri-shield badge and a single horizontal bar.

The rest of the Avista is equally bold, along with a fender line flowing from over the front wheels into a muscular haunch over rear wheel, an Aston Martin–like vent ahead of each door, and a steeply raked backlight.

The Avista is less about drivetrain, though, and more about the looks: it is stunning from every angle. Assuming a real version did not stray too far from the concept — and there is nothing too extreme here that couldn’t be brought to a real car, and honestly — it could instantly be one of the best-looking cars in GM’s entire lineup.

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