Girfalco Plans An Electric Three-Wheel Sports Car

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Canadian automotive startup Girfalco isn’t a company that many automotive fans know but its upcoming three-wheeled electric vehicle may just change that in a hurry. The Canadian firm will reveal its first ever EV in the form of the Azkarra three wheeler and Girfalco promises lightning quick supercar baiting performance. A range-topping version equipped with a three-wheel-drive system promises to be one of the quickest accelerating cars in production.

Girfalco are working on two variants of the Azkarra, a normal variant and a ‘S’ variant which will feature three-wheel drive and torque vectoring.

McLaren’s 570S is the brand’s latest car to receive the special edition treatment. The special cars feature trims, colors, and finishes handpicked by McLaren’s design team and actually represent a value because all the normally optional extras that are now included as standard.


Girfalco Azkarra

The final design is under wraps, but a dark teaser image published by Canadian firm suggest the Azkarra features a wedge-shaped open-top body with a low front end, pronounced front fenders, and an integrated roll bar.

No other details on the powertrain have been released but Girfalco says that the Azkarra will be among the five fastest accelerating cars in production. That means we should see a 0-60mph time of less than 3 seconds.

Girfalco understands that some owners will want to take their cars on the road, so company will offer a number of modcons including leather trim for the cockpit’s two seats, and a suede-lined steering wheel with contrast stitching, as well as a Kenwood sound sys. There’s no roof for the Azkarra so this may limit its usability.

We should have more details soon as the reveal is scheduled for Dec 2. Girfalco says deliveries will commence in the spring of 2017. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear yet whether the car will be available in the United States.

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