Lyft Launches Black Car Service: Lyft Lux And Lux SUV

By Stephen Portell On 28 May, 2017 At 10:52 AM | Categorized As Automobiles, Mobile | With 0 Comment

The competitor of the Uber, Lyft has recently launched a black car service, touted as the Lyft Lux And Lux SUV. The service is available in the largest cities of the United States, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and San Jose. At the very first, the Uber had given an option of luxury cars, black vehicle with leather and leather like seats. And now, the lyft customer can also book a black luxury car for a ride. For more tech news and updates, you can visit


The company is already offering to customers to higher-end rides in luxury cars, such as BMW or Mercedes through its Premium service, and now it’s time to become more advanced and luxurious. “This an evolution of Lyft – as our passengers and driver community request more optionality, we have really listened,” said David Baga, the company’s chief business officer.

The difference between both, the Lyft Lux And Lux SUV is that the SUV vehicles are larger as compared to the Lyft Lux, and can fit  at least six passengers. The cars include a BMW 5 series, a Cadillac Escalade, and a Lincoln Navigator. The company said that the pricing will be different in various market, and the driver can earn more than the ordinary Lyft drivers. According to the company, the amount that will give to the drivers will be double as compared to the Lyft Premiers drivers.

Now it will available only in the 5 cities of the United States, but the company said that it will further expand their service to more 20 countries this summer. And will allow to customers to book a Tesla, BMW, and other luxury rides.


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