New Plug-In Version Of The Toyota Prius, Named ‘Prime’ In The US

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Toyota’s latest take on a plug-in hybrid, the new 2017 Prius Prime, may be more of a bargain than its name would suggest. The automaker has unveiled that US pricing for the Prime will start at $27,100. The latest Toyota Prius betters than its predecessor in the nearly every area. Styling is subjective, but the driving dynamics and interior quality are greatly improved and it is hard to criticise the car’s fuel economy, with the manufacturer claiming up to 94.2mpg.

The Plug-in has a high-capacity battery that can be charged from the mains. Its 8.8kWh capacity is twice that of the previous Prius Plug-in, with the range increased in kind: Toyota estimates 30 miles of electric-only driving versus just 15 miles for the old car. Charge time is just over two hours, compared with 90 minutes for the previous model.


2017 Prius Prime

Under the bonnet you’ll find the same 1.8-litre petrol engine and CVT transmission as in the standard Prius. The primary difference involves one of the two electric motors, called the MG1 and MG2.

The Prime is much improved over the earlier Prius plug-in hybrid, along with more range (both on gas and electric), safety upgrades and all that added in-cabin tech. With that said, it is not perfect: the gas motor is ‘whiny’ when it kicks in, and the touchscreen isn’t as responsive as on the far more expensive Tesla Model S. And while it is likely the best-looking Prius to date, that’s not saying a whole lot — ‘dowdy’ is an apt description. Still, this is might be your ideal commuter car if the Chevy Volt’s longer all-electric range is not worth the price premium to you.

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