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Small Ways to Save Money Every Day

Everybody likes having the satisfaction of knowing that they’re able to save money every once in a while, especially if you’re trying to live a balanced life with little debt. However, people often associate being frugal with a life that limits the amount of fun you can have. This is not the case and in […]

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Sony has announced the extremely-portable MP-CD1 mobile Projector is arriving in Europe in Spring this year. Fitting in the palm of your hand, the MP-CD1 can project content up to 120 inches in size from a quick distance of about 3.5m. The flexible projector, which weighs simplest 280g, transforms any surface into a wide display […]

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CineBeam, the compact-but-effective laser projector LG debuted at CES 2018, might be to be had for purchase at stores within the US this week. It is the brand’s first 4K projector ever, and it’s also LG’s most luxurious — the version will set you back $3,000. The device doesn’t appear to be maximum of its […]

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Samsung has announced mass-production of newly developed 4TB consumer SSDs, which are aimed for improving storage in laptops and other devices. Samsung has yet to release the official pricing for the under production drives, but its 4TB 860 Evo is currently being sold over $1,000. If compared, you can get the 4TB mechanical drive for […]

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A year ago, we got our first look at Google founder Larry Page’s secretive “flying car” project, Kitty Hawk: an all-electric hover-bike designed to be flown specifically over water. This week, the company unveiled an updated version of its recreational aircraft, the Flyer. And it’s quite the improvement over the original concept. The Flyer weighs […]

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Aquaforno II

With a unique telescopic layout Aquaforno II portable outsdoor cooking stove allows you to prepare dinner delicious dishes throughout any outside journey. This versatile cooking range works as a BBQ grill, pizza oven, water boiler, smoker, rotisserie,outdoor heater, and garments dryer. Since the stove can prepare dinner with wooden, charcoal, peat or gasoline, you could […]

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Samsung The Frame TV

Back in 2015, Samsung launched a 4K television, dubbed as the Samsung Serif TV. The aim behind to manufactured this TV is that it can blend with your furniture colors and design of your home and at the office as well. This effort made the TV looks more interesting and unique without loosing their main […]

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Fujifilm GFX 50S

A few months ago Fujifilm revealed its new medium format camera that also shoots video, the GFX 50S. Now they have finally unveiled all the details, including GFX 50S pricing, availability and video capabilities. The GFX 50S uses a 51.4MP ‘Fujifilm G Format’ medium-format sensor (43.8×32.9mm), which is 1.7x the area of a full-frame sensor. […]

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Vizio SmartCast wireless Sound Bar System

Vizio – the best know sound bar and speaker manufacturer in the United States – is expanding its sound bar collection by announcing a lot of sound bar speaker, which is known as Vizio SmartCast wireless sound bar system. Along with the plenty of sound bar, the company also announced a multi-room speaker, dubbed as […]

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Ramp up Your Living Room Décor

Has your living room space become drab and outdated?  After a long day at the office, it would certainly be nice to return to a fresh and relaxing space.  You don’t need a large budget or an expensive interior designer to accomplish this. Just follow these recommendations from the design experts and you’ll be on […]