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By Stephen Portell On 18 Feb, 2017 At 11:28 AM | Categorized As Electronics | With No Comments

A Bond is a smart home accessory that helps you add some Internet of Things utility to older devices that do not have internet access. But the very first the question arrives in our mind How? By the leaning the signals from your various remotes and rebroadcasting them when prompted thourgh an Alexa or any […]

By Mayor James On 3 Dec, 2016 At 08:16 PM | Categorized As Electronics, Featured | With No Comments

LIFX is announcing two new smart lighting products: a light strip and another bulb. Both work more or less how you’d expect a smart light to work, but the bulb comes out with one slightly unusual feature — the ability to emit infrared light. The new bulb is called LIFX+ and will be available as […]

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Teryx 800 Stereos

Are you looking to jam to your favorite bands while racing through mud and marsh? Or maybe you’re just hoping for clearer audio to connect to your GPS so you’ll never get lost again. Whatever your reasons for thinking about UTV audio, here are just a few tips for buying a sound system and all […]

By Stephen Portell On 21 Sep, 2015 At 06:58 AM | Categorized As Electronics | With No Comments

The Panasonic ES-LV95, this trend by packing 5 blades, and sure enough it’s the shaving functionality to make it a superior breed of shaver. It has become something of a cliche in the razor world that development means adding yet another blade. There are plenty of other nice touches that make this wet & dry model […]

By Stephen Portell On 8 Aug, 2015 At 06:50 AM | Categorized As Electronics | With No Comments

The Nutri Juicer Plus and Pro as well as the original model, The Nutri Juicer Compact is smaller in size but not in characteristics. Like other Sage juicers. But, it is the best in juicing quickly. It creates less than 2°C of heat transfer, maximizing the nutrition to preserve an average of 70%. There is no […]

By Stephen Portell On 30 Jun, 2015 At 08:28 AM | Categorized As Electronics | With No Comments

Fundamentally, this could mean an extra four hours of battery life for devices like the LG Urbane, which require nightly charging. LG’s chemical division has begun shipping a new battery for round-faced smartwatches, which could help solve the sector’s biggest problem. According to the Korea news, the new hexagonal cell from LG Chem will boost battery […]

By Mayor James On 6 Jun, 2015 At 06:38 AM | Categorized As Electronics | With No Comments

Samsung has announced the latest washing machine can be controlled by hands easily for 2016. With smartphone control WW9000 is a great performer and the most advanced washing machine ever. The new WW9000 is certainly stunning to look at. We would expect interior designers and those specifying high-end kitchens to be suitably wowed. The new machine […]

By Stephen Portell On 3 May, 2015 At 06:58 AM | Categorized As Electronics | With No Comments
BenQ’s XL2730Z

BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned digital lifestyle solutions provider and professional gaming monitor pioneer, today announced that it is now shipping its flagship XL2730Z RevolutionEyes™ professional gaming monitor. Created to be the marketplace’s most immersive gaming device, the lightning-quick 27-inch monitor comes loaded with smooth-action features specifically designed to give players more comprehensive control […]

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programmable logic controller

Every day, new technologies continue to simplify the way we live. Since the launch of the Android OS, lots of new technologies have been either developed or remodelled with the aid of this operating system. One of such new creations is the use of programmable controllers like the Unitronics V1210 black from All Drives and […]

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Wireless Presentation Systems

Using wireless presentation systems, whether on a large scale or on in a small meeting, can benefit your overall office productivity. For example, in a previous post on, presentation systems were suggested as a way to make business meetings more effective. With wireless systems, like mirroring devices, you can present information electronically during a […]