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By Mayor James On 12 Oct, 2018 At 04:32 PM | Categorized As Featured, Gadgets | With No Comments

All of us would like to enhance our analyzing, work in addition to enhance the verbal exchange abilties as well as wellknown everyday dwelling assistance, so you may be interested in the brand new smart wearable voice assistant referred to as VoiceMojo designed via Digital Oasis. VoiceMojo Wearable Voice Assistant Features This progressive tool includes […]

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August Venus Alexa enabled wireless smart speaker helps you to control your tune playback along with your voice commands, and integrated rechargeable battery allows you to more flexibly use it. Featuring Amazon Alexa integration, you may in reality contact the microphone and ask Alexa something you like. Likewise, you can request your favourite track or […]

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Anker has just released a latest portable projector called the Nebula Mars II. It runs Android 7.1, can display in 720p up to a hundred and fifty-inches and capabilities 10W of audio output that’s greater than enough to maintain the birthday celebration going. However, the interesting element isn’t the launch of the product, it’s the […]

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Garmin has released Vivoactive 3 music, a wearable that takes everything you discover in the 2017 model and provides music to the mix. Garmin already has smartwatches that include GPS and music playback, in its lineup. However for the first time, the functions are to be had on an inexpensive smartwatch. The Garmin Vivoactive 3 […]

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The Acer Swift 7 SF714-51T is one of the first traditional notebooks with eSIM compatibility and integrated LTE. Users can surf the net when away from a WLAN source without the need to insert any SIM card as long as the carrier supports the feature. Fortunately, a nano-SIM slot is still available for users who […]

By Stephen Portell On 7 Aug, 2018 At 11:45 AM | Categorized As Featured, Gadgets | With No Comments

Samsung’s newest tablet, the Galaxy Tab S4, is finally here. It brings along the usual power upgrades you’d expect, but it also packs a larger display over last year’s Tab S3, a refreshed design, and some innovations that could give the Android tablet market the shake-up it needs. Here’s everything you need to know about […]

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Panasonic is taking its rugged digicam even deeper — and that’s an excellent thing. Panasonic has announced the Lumix TS7, a rugged compact that ups both the megapixels and intensity score even as adding 4K. The TS7 frame deviates from Panasonic’s in advance rugged compact body patterns, but the exchange isn’t only for looks. The […]

By Mayor James On 31 Jul, 2018 At 03:45 PM | Categorized As Featured, Gadgets | With No Comments
Knister Charcoal BBQ Grill

The best climate’s right here — and with it, barbecue season. However too frequently barbecuing is restricted to our backyards or nearby parks. The purpose? due to the fact barbecues aren’t precisely the perfect of factor to move. That’s mainly real if you’re additionally a person who enjoys spending a sunny day on their bike, […]

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HARMAN, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung has launched JBL GO 2 in India. The Bluetooth speaker claims to be portable and compact and it is the second generation Bluetooth speaker of the earlier released JBL GO at an information on event planning. JBL Go 2 Bluetooth Speaker Design JBL Go 2 comes in a combination […]

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JBL Endurance SPRINT

JBL has launched Endurance sprint, its latest waterproof Bluetooth sports headphones. These headphones provide a comfy fit for your ear thanks to the magnetic hook layout, which preserve balance as you move. When you aren’t using the headphones, just use the MagHook to clip it to your apparel or bag. The headphones also come with […]