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Curve MacBook Desktop Stand

Twelve South announced the revival of the Curve version yesterday. The most modern stand has a simple curved design and a darkish end that fits particularly well with the Space gray MacBooks. The stand doesn’t work with just the brand new MacBook pro models, of direction, although it seems to best fit the 13-inch model. […]

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The new Corsair ONE pre-constructed gaming PC is now started shipping. The Corsair ONE is the primary ready-to-run machine from the manufacturer that has often been acknowledged for his or her laptop components and peripherals. Promoting and supporting whole systems is a brand new mission for Corsair, however the design and abilities of the Corsair […]

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eero router

If you really want Wi-Fi that just works, everywhere in your home. Recently, Eero came out with new devices and the company claims that the new routers have two times the energy and variety as the unique structures, and there are new satellite devices, known as Beacon, which can be less complicated to install round […]

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Managed Wordpress Hosting Vs VPS

Finding the right host for your website can be an interesting adventure, but when you add WordPress to the equation, it can be even more interesting. WordPress is a great tool to build websites with. Whether you are building your first WordPress website or your seventy-fifth, your hosting platform must be tailored to fit your […]

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web hosting

There are many web hosting companies that provide best service, but selecting that one service which is best for your website can be tough and daunting. Especially, when if you are new to running a website and do not know much about the web hosting. So if you are finding a web hosting service, the […]

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Have you ever experienced with the data loss, whether it was from a hard drive failure, data corruption, formatting memory card, lost partition, viral attack or accidentally deleting a file. If you ever face this experience, so you have probably wondered about the data recovery. And the first question arises in your mind, “Is there […]

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Previously, Power Banks are made for just smartphones and tablets, but not just your smartphone and tablets need power banks or external batteries when you are traveling and any situation where you can’t charge your devices. Sometimes, you also need to charge up your laptop, especially when if you are using it to play games, […]

By Mayor James On 1 Feb, 2017 At 05:23 PM | Categorized As PC & Internet | With No Comments

Qualcomm has announced that it’ll be partnering with Samsung to manufacture the upcoming Snapdragon 835 mobile processor. It will be based upon Samsung’s newest 10-nanometer FinFET process that promises to improve the performance and energy over the Snapdragon 820 and 821’s 14nm FinFE. The company didn’t say a lot about what makes the new chip […]

By Stephen Portell On 2 Jan, 2017 At 12:43 PM | Categorized As PC & Internet | With No Comments

Lenovo recently announced that it was updating Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops line in 2017 and the models gets an update of latest processor, more authentication features, and improved trackpads. A number of new Lenovo laptops will now feature the technology, including the ThinkPad X270, the ThinkPad Yoga 370, four ThinkPad T Ultrabooks models and the less-expensive […]

By Mayor James On 15 Dec, 2016 At 09:30 PM | Categorized As PC & Internet | With No Comments

Early this year at CES 2016, Cassia Networks unveiled its Cassia Hub Bluetooth router and now with the debut of its BlueStream tech, wireless multiroom audio is coming to the world of Bluetooth. The new Cassia Hub with BlueStream builds on the capabilities of existing Cassia Hub, to the point the BlueStream is available as […]