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With a unique telescopic layout Aquaforno II portable outsdoor cooking stove allows you to prepare dinner delicious dishes throughout any outside journey. This versatile cooking range works as a BBQ grill, pizza oven, water boiler, smoker, rotisserie,outdoor heater, and garments dryer. Since the stove can prepare dinner with wooden, charcoal, peat or gasoline, you could make nearly whatever on the Aquaforno II. Likewise, the internal water boiler makes it easy to scrub up the use of the removable reservoir. In fact, it gives one liter of boiling water in much less than ten mins. The Aquaforno II capabilities three ranges such as the base, the brazier, and the oven top. It also comes with a wearing case that functions a double bag gadget, so you don’t need to deliver more than 15 kilograms in a single object.

Aquaforno II Portable Outdoor Cooking Stove Design

The Aquaforno II is an modern, flexible and powerful out of doors cooking stove that measures 12 x 17 inches (packed) and weighs around 44 lbs. when upright, it measures 39 inches excessive. Using its telescopic layout, the cooking range may be saved in a custom carrying case so that you can easily convey it for numerous outdoor activities consisting of camping, searching, fishing, and extra. Meanwhile, the top rate steel materials supply a durable and solid production.

Aquaforno II

Aquaforno II Portable Outdoor Cooking Stove Features

The portable outdoors cooking range consists of 3 most important components: base, brazier and oven top. The bottom sits on strong legs, and every leg is adjustable to suit on variable terrain. A removable grill lets in it to work as a easy lightweight cooking grill or hearth pit, while the massive door vent ensures extraordinary airflow adjustability. A detachable food grade stainless-steel water jacket sits within the base to provide you boiling water or warm beverages.

The second one element is a brazier that offers with most of your frying, and a custom stone can sit on its adjustable tabs, which turns it right into a dry hot plate for toasting. The 0.33 element is the oven top. The use of adjustable tabs, the top phase deliver an enough space for big cuts of meat, a casserole, Dutch oven or a beer can chook. by using elevating the inner notches, it also fits for deep pan pizza, pastries or a skinny and crisp Neapolitan style pizza. An incorporated thermometer guarantees you will always cook dinner ideal food. further, the tenting range works with wood, peat, charcoal and gas.

Aquaforno II Portable Outdoor Cooking Stove Price

The team behind Aquaforno II is raising fund for the product on Indiegogo. We can pledge $239 to preorder the portable outdoor cooking stove. It will be shipped in July 2018. Want more cheaper then this, then Coleman Guide Series Dual Fuel ($97) is best option that’s unveiled at event tech.

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