Cell Battery In Hexagonal Shape By LG – Brilliantly Designed

By Stephen Portell On 30 Jun, 2015 At 08:28 AM | Categorized As Electronics | With 0 Comment

Fundamentally, this could mean an extra four hours of battery life for devices like the LG Urbane, which require nightly charging. LG’s chemical division has begun shipping a new battery for round-faced smartwatches, which could help solve the sector’s biggest problem.


According to the Korea news, the new hexagonal cell from LG Chem will boost battery capacity by 25 per cent for those manufacturers picking up the tech. A full day of battery life without any issues, regardless of usage, could be key to bringing more people on board with smart watches. As well as LG’s in house devices, the report says LG Chem is making the new battery available to ‘top grade’ smartwatch makers. That’ll mean the likes of Samsung, Motorola, ASUS and other high profile manufacturers could also benefit.

These hexagon-shaped batteries are a bit larger than a rectangle battery, but because they’re not just a larger rectangle, they allow for more battery capacity without requiring a substantially larger watch case. Round smartwatches are popular because they look more like a traditional analog watch than square-faced smartwatches, and we’re expecting to see new round watches from companies like Motorola and Samsung this year, so it’s exciting to see a new battery that can give that type of devices better battery life.

Battery life is a common concern with smartwatches, not only because you do not want your smartwatch to die halfway through the day, but also because a lot of folks dread having another device to plug in. LG is aware of these concerns and has crafted a unique battery to address them. The hexagonal shape is interesting because many of the round-faced watches still use square batteries, meaning a ton of wasted space within the build.

A hexagonal design has allowed LG Chem to include a battery with larger capacity, simply by making use of space that would otherwise be left fallow.

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