August Home announced August View, a wire-free, high-resolution video doorbell with two-way audio

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August is unveiling a brand new smart doorbell today, and its biggest feature can be that it really resembles a doorbell.

The August View is a small rectangular box with a camera on the top and a huge button at the lowest to ring the bell. It’s fairly obvious that the device is a doorbell, that’s a large change from the primary two generations of August doorbells. beyond fashions had been rectangular with a large button in the middle that didn’t appear to be a button or like a doorbell. It changed into a real trouble.

August View Smart Wireless Video Doorbell Features

The August View video sensor streams and captures 1440p resolution video, 33 percent better than 1080p full HD video, unique among battery-powered doorbells. higher resolution method more pixels which potentially results in pics with extra detail and clarity. As an instance, Ring‘s nice video doorbells and the August Doorbell Cam seasoned all produce 1080p resolution. The Nest hiya video doorbell gives you 1,six hundred x 1,2 hundred video, however its set up calls for wiring.


Real-time motion detection sends an instant alert so users can talk with visitors. August Home told Digital Trends the doorbell’s sensitivity setting adjusts the distance of motion detection to avoid being triggered by activity on busy sidewalks, for example. You can also turn motion detection off.

The video doorbell’s camera is zoomable and has minimal fisheye distortion effect for even better clarity, according to August. The August View can pair with August Smart Locks so users can let visitors in and re-lock the door via the mobile app whether the user is in the next room or in another country.

Users can stream live video via the August View camera or recall and replay five-second video clips on their smartphones via the August app. The five-second preview video clips are stored for free in the cloud for one day for user access. Available August subscriptions keep video clips in the cloud for up to 15 or 30 days, depending on the plan.

August View Smart Wireless Video Doorbell Price

The doorbell itself will sell for $230 when it goes on sale on March 28th. That’s $30 more than August’s wired model, which will remain on sale, but it’s the same price as Nest’s wired doorbell camera. Ring, the Amazon-owned company that’s perhaps the best known in the smart doorbell market, offers doorbells as cheap as $99, but you have to spend $249 to get a smaller model that won’t look quite so much like a security box on the outside of your front door.

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