Canon released some video footage taken with their 120MP CMOS sensor

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Digital camera tech glaringly receives higher each year simply as most different patron tech. It looks as if only yesterday that a 1.5MP digital camera turned into the best aspect ever, after which once cameras started out displaying up on cellular phones that become just another crazy revelation. The technology is now shifting ever forward even though, and Canon has taken the wraps off of a very ridiculous 120-megapixel CMOS sensor. You’re going to want to see what this aspect can do.

Canon has simply launched this new three-minute video displaying the power of its 120-megapixel CMOS sensor, which it first announced in September 2015 and then showed off at technology conferences in atlanta in May 2016.

Canon 120MP CMOS sensor

The sensor isn’t always complete frame but smaller, approximately the equivalent length to an APS-H (29.22mm x 20.20mm) sensor. It has a square pixel arrangement of 2.2µm x 2.2µm with 122 million effective pixels. With CMOS sensors, a excessive-pace readout for excessive pixel counts is carried out thru parallel processing, an increase in parallel-processing sign counts can result in such troubles as sign delays and minor deviations in timing. Via modifying the technique employed to control the readout circuit timing, Canon successfully finished the high-speed readout of sensor alerts. As a result, the brand new CMOS sensor simplest has a maximum output velocity of about 9.5 frames per second, for non-stop capturing of extremely-excessive-resolution images.

Canon 120MP CMOS sensor Specs:

• Sensor size: APS-H (29.22mm x 20.20mm)
• 120MXSM: Monochrome
• 120MXSC: RGB
• Pixel size: 2.2μm x 2.2μm
• Number of effective pixels: 13280h x 9184v, approx. 122MP
• Progressive Scan
• Sensitivity:
• 120MXSC (Green): 10,000e/lux/sec
• 120MXSM: 20,000e/lux/sec
• Rolling Shutter
• 188pin ceramic PGA
• Saturation: 10,000e @ gain0.5x
• Output Channels: Data 28 lanes, Clock 14 lanes
• Number of output channels: Data 28 lanes, Clock 14 lanes
• Dark Random Noise: 2.3e rms @ gain x8, Room Temp.
• Dark Current: 8.1e/sec @ gain x8, 60°C
• Main clock frequency: 45MHz (Recommended)
• Output format: 720Mbps in LVDS output 9.4fps @ 10 bit
• Serial communication
• Built in column amplifier (Pre-amplifier gain mode: x0.5, x1, x2, x4, x8)
• All pixel progressive scan reading function, Region of Interest (ROI) reading function (Vertically) • Vertically intermittent reading function (1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/5, 1/7, 1/15)
• Power consumption: 2.5W (under recommended operating conditions)
• Package size: 55.0mm x 47.8mm x 4.49mm
• Power supply voltage: 1.7 V, 3.5 V

When shooting video of the inner workings of a watch, the sensor is able to capture significantly more detail compared to a 1080p camera:

The image up above is impressive, but you’re really going to want to watch the video where they really show off what the sensor can do.

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