Easily turn on your favorite music using just your voice with the i-box Ellipsis Alexa-Enabled Smart Speaker

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No worktop space for even a touch Amazon Echo Dot? struggling to tuck cables away neatly? need Alexa to pay attention you anywhere?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to even one of the above, you might need to recollect the i-container Ellipsis.

Basically it’s an Echo Dot-like smart speaker offering Amazon Alexa functionality, from tune playback (from Amazon Music or Spotify, as an instance), to providing news and climate updates, to controlling smart home devices. Only as a substitute of getting a cable and desiring someplace to sit, it plugs immediately into a power socket.

i-field argues this lets in an Ellipsis to be plugged into locations where it’s tougher to deal with a ordinary cable-which include smart speaker – consisting of a hallway – and accordingly can cowl extra place in which your voice commands can be heard. Up to 8 can be connected to 1 network.

Ellipsis Plug-in Alexa Smart Speaker Features

Imparting complete Alexa functionality, the speaker combines all your favorite wired-free speaker and Voice Assistant functions into one smart plug. Moreover, the i-container Ellipsis comes with high-power speaker drivers and a bass reflex layout, making it perfect for track and radio streaming. Likewise, it is able to provide you with news and climate updates in addition to control your smart home devices. way to its true wired-free design, the smart speaker reduces cable litter and saves place in your work table or desk top. It additionally comes with a few connectivity alternatives consisting of Bluetooth, wireless or Aux cable. just plug the speaker at once right into a power socket, and it’s equipped to move.

Ellipsis Plug-in Alexa Smart Speaker Price

You can find out more details about the new i-box Ellipsis over at the company’s website. The device will go on sale in the UK at the end of August for £59.99 and it will be available from box Amazon and the i-box website.

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