Elgato has announced the availability of their new Elgato Stream Deck Mini Studio Controller

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Elgato added its $149.99 flow Deck live last year, which offers streamers quick get access to custom designed broadcasting shortcuts. A month after the company turned into obtained by peripheral and computer components manufacturer Corsair, it’s launched a mini version of its programmable dashboard that is available to buy nowadays for $99.99.

Elgato Stream Deck Mini Customizable Live Streaming Controller Features

There’s native integration with OBS Studio, XSplit, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Mixer, among other apps and systems. as an alternative, you may installation your own apps of preference, the usage of the stream Deck Mini’s buttons to duplicate key-combos.

There’s also macro aid, now with the capacity to have multiple movements prompted from a single keypress, either concurrently or in series. That way you may press one button and feature your streaming app of desire load up, messages despatched out on diverse social media channels, and more. App folders allow for multiple button sets to be loaded and switched between.


In comparison to the original movement Deck, the form-aspect has changed a little. the bigger model came with a folding, detachable stand that would prop it up off the desktop, while the stream Deck Mini has that built-in. It’s smaller, too, of path although still hooks up with a single USB cable.

While Elgato is targeting the Stream Deck Mini at gamers, of route, there’s nothing to say that different customers couldn’t get some capability out of it too. As we observed whilst we reviewed the unique movement Deck, it works similar to a MacBook pro touch Bar handiest with extra customization capacity. That has massive advantages for video and picture modifying shortcuts, and more.

Alongside the new, more compact model, there’s also a new version of Elgato’s Stream Deck software being released today. Version 4.1 adds the same multi-action macro support to the larger Stream Deck too.

Elgato Stream Deck Mini Customizable Live Streaming Controller Price

The Stream Deck Mini is available now from Amazon or direct from Corsair (which recently acquired Elgato’s gaming division) for $99.95. That’s $50 cheaper than the 15-button Stream Deck.

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