HumanEyes Technology has announced the Vuze XR camera

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The new HumanEyes Vuze Dual XR is a compress, doubles-lens digicam with an included deal with and a neat party trick: The back-to-back lenses can flip ahead to transition from three hundred and sixty -degree, 2-D video to a hundred and eighty-degree, 3D video.

While360-degree content may be effortlessly ate up on just about any tool, out of your phone in your computer, the a hundred and eighty-degree three-D mode will require a few type of digital reality headset. for that reason, we’re no longer certain how beneficial the a hundred and eighty-degree mode can be for most of the people, but it’s definitely a unique component of the Vuze XR that sets it aside from other compact 360 cameras like the Samsung gear 360.

Vuze XR Dual VR Camera Features

The Vuze XR captures general 360° round video in 5.7K resolution. like the Rylo digicam or the GoPro Fusion, it appears to offer editing tools with a purpose to allow users to create sixteen:nine motion pictures from the 360° footage or zoom out to a ‘tiny planet’ view, taking into account a whole lot of innovative choices to be made after video is recorded.

By flipping both of its cameras outward, the Vuze XR transforms into a camera that captures 180° stereoscopic video similar to the Lucid VR or Yi Horizon VR180 camera, providing an immersive 3D experience to viewers when used with VR goggles.

While the Vuze XR doesn’t appear to break significant ground in either area, it presents an interesting option for 360°/VR content creators. Instead of having to purchase and carry two separate cameras, each of which may require different software and workflows, the Vuze XR promises to wrap both capabilities into a single camera.

Additionally, the camera will support live streaming to social media, which may make it an attractive choice for activities such as travel where you want to keep things light but retain the flexibility to share your adventure in different ways.

Vuze XR Dual VR Camera Price

HumanEyes did not provide a specific release date, but says the Vuze XR will be available in the coming months at a price in the ‘$400 range’ at Amazon.

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