Meet MekaMon, the four-legged robots have AR capabilities

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Reach Robotics have developed a new phone controlled robot referred to as the MekaMon which has been created to mix both real-world play with augmented reality gaming. Allowing users to battle the robots and more the use of a partner utility this is available for each Android and iOS devices and can be loaded onto both a tablet or smartphone device.

The robots are upgradable and customizable with detachable legs, shields, and guns. They feature four IR sensors, so the robot can degree distance and region and also as it should be tune and assault fighters. The robotic also can turn on its returned and stabilize as a substitute quickly. Every robotic weighs around 2.2 kilos, with a size of 11.8 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches. The toy connects to the phone app via Bluetooth, and different robots through infrared indicators. The battery existence is a piece limited, although: you’ll most effective get approximately one hour of play earlier than it wishes to be recharged.


however MekaMon is more than just some other robot puppy to play with. They had been constructed for war, and the app has two fight modes. For the single participant, there is an AR function that creates virtual warring parties with a purpose to combat. You place your Mekamon at the especially-marked mat and the app will render enemy robots to destroy and towers to guard. They may only exist within the confines of your screen, however your robot will treat them as tangible things it has to keep away from. so that you can’t ram into the simulated enemies or climb over the building you’re speculated to be protecting.

Reach Robotics says that greater add-ons may be to be had from in the future. The MekaMon robot is now available to buy priced at $299, just in time for the holidays and is available in both black or white finishes.

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