Pioneer announced a new line of Lightning earbuds with built-in Lightning port

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Pioneer recently announced a new smart Lightning earphones, the Rayz and Rayz Plus. The Plus model includes a built-in Lightning port that enables users to charge their phone while listening to music. The company says that it is the “first and only” Lightning headset with a built-in “charging node.”

Wireless headphones are probably the future of music, like it or not. More and more cellular gadgets are ditching the headphone jack to make room for other technology, in spite of the inconveniences of getting yet any other electronic accessory to maintain charged, and the chance of losing a pricey set of wireless earbuds. but for those who still aren’t ready to head wireless, Pioneer’s Rayz Plus earbuds look like a better opportunity than connecting a bunch of cumbersome dongles in your cellphone—and it is not just like the employer needed to re-invent the wheel.

The wired headphones connect to any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via the Lightning port and draw power from there, thus meaning there’s no need for charging of any kind. The Rayz Plus earbuds, however, set themselves aside in that they have got a built-in Lightning port at the cable that enables users to price their device whilst using them. Pioneer says that the Rayz Plus are the primary earbuds to provide the sort of characteristic:


Every mode functions six embedded microphones for a characteristic Pioneer calls smart Noise Cancellation, which is meant to experiment your ear and optimize the cancellation on your ears and environment. these microphones also can locate whilst you’re sporting the earphones and while you’re now not, making an allowance for clever pausing of playback whilst you take them off and resuming playback whilst you placed them back on. This also causes the headphones to enter a low- electricity mode, saving you treasured battery lifestyles.


The Pioneer Rayz may be to be had in Onyx and Ice for $one hundred, even as the Rayz Plus come in graphite and bronze steel finishes for $one hundred fifty. Neither model is to be had now, but Pioneer says that the earphones may be offered through OneCall.

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