Samsung SmartThings Smart GPS Tracker utilizes a combination of GPS to help locate lost product

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Samsung’s new SmartThings tracker will use an LTE-based cell community to help you hold tabs on your pets, keys, smartphone, or something else you may attach it to. We have seen a number of tile trackers accessible. The TrackR Pixel is on sale right now for simply $45, in reality. The distinction among the ones trackers and Samsung’s new tracker is the alternative manufacturers use Bluetooth and feature a totally constrained range. Once the item you’re monitoring receives beyond a certain point, those tiles use things like crowd-sourcing to locate them. You may be out of range of Samsung’s tracker until it manages to travel across the world as it will use a low-energy LTE community in particular designed for gadgets like this.

Samsung SmartThings Smart GPS Tracker Design

This one is light-weight so that you can attach it to almost something whether or not your youngster’s backpack, puppy’s collar, or vehicle keys. in case you wish, you can use the tracker on someone so you can constantly maintain music of your family. What’s properly approximately the tracker is that you can track items in real time in your smartphone through the SmartThings app.

Samsung SmartThings Smart GPS Tracker Features

The tracker works with most SmartThings-enabled product so that you can be connected all of the time. It’s equipped whilst the solar is shining so vibrant exterior or even while raining, way to its IP68 water-resistance rating.

With the compatible app, you can use the SmartThings app for other functions like set a geo-fenced zone so you can know if a pet or an item goes out of the safe zone. Use it as a proximity sensor integrated with other smart home products or services including security cams, thermostats, or lights.

Samsung SmartThings Smart GPS Tracker Price

The product is already launched an AT&T exclusive, with a Verizon version launching later in the year. It’s not exactly cheap, with a $99 price tag — though that includes 12 free months of LTE-M service. After that, it will run $5 a month — so that will add up pretty quickly.

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