The SonaBuds 2 Pro true wireless earbuds provide 15-hour battery life without recharging

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True wireless earbuds may be wonderful, however they presently include extreme barriers. Even currently launched models, like Soul Electronics’ Emotion, mostly provide up to six hours of playback time per charge, and that’s better than a variety of the opposition. That can be set to change, but. The Sonabuds 2 pro, which can be presently surging beyond their goal on Indiegogo, promise up to 15 hours of playback on a single charge, that’s triple what you’ll get from Apple’s AirPods and way beyond whatever else we’ve seen to this point.

SonaBuds 2 Pro True Wireless Earbuds Design

The SonaBuds 2 Pro is pair of truly wired-free earbuds. Each earbud measures 19 x 14 x 30mm, and the included wearing and charging case is 26 x 58 x 36mm. With the ultra compact and light-weight layout, you could effortlessly take them with you anywhere. Meanwhile, the metal accessory blends nicely with the matte back outside for a graceful look design, and the ergonomic contours and 3 pairs of silicone eartips provide you a relaxed wearing experience.


SonaBuds 2 Pro True Wireless Earbuds Features

The SonaBuds 2 pro wireless earbuds come equipped with two 6mm divers plus Bluetooth 5.0 tech with SBC, AAC aptX encodings which will produce wonderful, balanced wired-free stereo audio. Moreover, the advanced touch-sensor control device permits you to govern your playback, alter volume, wake up Siri or Google Assistant with easy taps. And Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows you to make or solution dual-channel stereo calls. Furthermore, IPX6 water-resistant score approach you could experience your favored music at some stage in any severe exercising or in the rain. Similarly, the SonaBuds 2 pro offers up to fifteen hours of battery timing, and using the charging case, your music playtime may be prolonged to 74 hours.

SonaBuds 2 Pro True Wireless Earbuds Price

The team behind SonaBuds 2 Pro is raising fund for the product on Indiegogo. We can pledge $89 to preorder the true wireless earbuds. They will be shipped in February 2019.

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