The Wearhaus Beam smart bluetooth earbuds feature wireless audio technology

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After successfully launching the Wearhaus Arc in November 2014, the team at Wearhaus are now back with a new revolutionary product: The Wearhaus Beam, a pair of smart bluetooth earbuds that use patented Bluetooth technology that allows multiple Wearhaus products to wirelessly sync up and listen together, no matter the audio source.

Wearhaus Beam Bluetooth Earbuds Design

Wearhaus Beam is a pair of customizable and well-designed wireless earbuds. Compared with the Wearhaus Arc Bluetooth headphones, Wearhaus is bringing unique LED light rings to a more compact design, so the Beam was born. As you can see from the image below, the in-ear headphones show off an ultra portable and lightweight design. The housing is constructed with anodized aluminum and scratch resistant alloyed plastic for a durable construction and fashionable appearance.

The earbuds have three pairs of earhooks and eartips in extraordinary sizes plus removable clips with a view to offer a relaxed sporting enjoy even all through an excessive exercise.

wearhaus beam

Wearhaus Beam Bluetooth Earbuds Features

The Bluetooth earbuds have a couple of 9.2mm, 16ohm audio drivers that circulation brilliant stereo audio in the compact shape aspect. More importantly, the earbuds function LED rings on the buds. you could customize the light with the complete coloration spectrum to your telephone, or the lights gadget additionally provides dynamic light rhythm. Moreover, the LED light jewelry make you seen for safe night running. Its integrated rechargeable battery offers up to 8 hours of music playback between modifications.

Wearhaus Beam Bluetooth Earbuds Price

The crowdfunding campaign for Wearhaus Beam is ongoing on Kickstarter. Pledging $79.99 will let you own the Bluetooth earbuds. The investment goal has achieved in time, so the earbuds should be shipped in October 2017.

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