You can now order the Cosyspeed’s new Phoneslinger line of smartphone camera bags on Indiegogo

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Most digicam bags are dedicated to stashing larger tools and accessories, but what about cellphone photographers? Cosyspeed’s Phoneslinger bags are designed for the phone photographer with a place to stash upload-on lenses or even wirelessly charging your phone on the go. The company says the line is the first bags designed specifically for phone images and videography.

The line comes includes three exceptional options, all that may be worn on a belt the strap of any other bag or with Cosyspeed’s modular belt machine. The Phoneslinger electricity consists of a wired-free power bank to charge your smartphone while it’s stashed in the bag. Phonesligher top is designed to keep a cellphone and up to 4 phone lenses, while the Phoneslinger outdoor is made out of a rugged material. The bags also can be introduced to the Flowbelt Modular Belt machine together with different present Cosyspeed bags.



The Phoneslinger Power is, because the name suggests, a bag for containing your smartphone along with a powerbank. protected is an 8000mAh powerbank capable of QI-wi-fi charging. If your smartphone doesn’t assist wired-free charging, you may nevertheless use it through USB.


The Phoneslinger Prime is the huge daddy of the brand new baggage, designed to hold your smartphone at the side of a gaggle of external lenses, like the ones from second or Zeiss. It has lots of room to keep 4 lenses, in addition to one already connected in your phone, and it may cope with large sized phones like the iPhone X, Galaxy Note and ZenFone 5.


And the Phoneslinger Outdoor is a minimalist rugged pouch for keeping your phone safe while hiking or climbing – also, they look very handy for location photographers who are constantly bending up and down and having to deal with a giant phone in their pocket constantly digging into their leg.

Phoneslinger Smartphone Bags Price

The company aims to launch the smartphone photography bags on Indiegogo, where there are two months left to raise $25,000. The smartphone bags start at $39 with accessories starting at $16 — if the crowdfunding is successful.

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