Red’s Hydrogen One Phone Release Date Pushed Further Again

By Stephen Portell On 9 Aug, 2018 At 07:21 AM | Categorized As Mobile | With 0 Comment

We’ve been waiting for RED’s first foray into mobile — the Hydrogen One phone — since last summer, and after multiple release date pushes, the company has one more. Company founder Jim Jannard said in a forum post this week that the phone will miss its summer release date.


The phone’s carrier launch date (through AT&T, Verizon, and Telcel in Mexico) is now set for November 2nd. Preorders should ship on October 9th, Jannard says. The black aluminum color will ship first and the titanium shortly thereafter.

Ofcourse, these are just Jannard’s stated dates, and as we’ve come to see with this phone, there’s no guarantee that it won’t be delayed even further. But Jannard sounds optimistic and says the hold up is related to certification issues.

This week’s forum post also includes some details about a developer model of the phone that’ll be available on August 31st. Preorder users can request a unit and test it for the company, although Jannard sets some serious ground rules for using it. Testers cannot disassemble it; they can only post “good images” from the camera; and they are only allowed to say “nice things.” Jannard says that “posting about bugs, problem or issues is not cool.” Good luck with the phone!

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