Managed WordPress Hosting Vs VPS? Which One Is Better?

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Finding the right host for your website can be an interesting adventure, but when you add WordPress to the equation, it can be even more interesting. WordPress is a great tool to build websites with. Whether you are building your first WordPress website or your seventy-fifth, your hosting platform must be tailored to fit your needs while delivering a quality experience to your visitor. No one will stay on your website if it takes a long time to load fully.

Managed WordPress Hosting Vs VPS

WordPress really needs a powerful caching system and servers to handle the PHP executions and the traffic. Meaning that it isn’t ideal to host WordPress on shared hosting if the site receives a good amount of traffic.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is basically a service that abstracts management of a server and the WordPress application. A managed wordpress hosting provider gives you a WordPress-optimized hosting environment, to improve your site performance.

You should go with Managed WordPress hosting if you do not have much technical knowledge and/or not interested in spending your time on setting up servers, installing & configuring WordPress, performing updates, securing your site, backing up regularly, etc.

Benefits Of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Expert Support – The support user receive will be from experts knowledgeable in WordPress. They’ll be able to give user’s advice relating to plugins, help user solve problems faster, improve performance and more.
  • Super-Fast – The managed servers will have been configured specially for the WordPress platform. This makes them super-fast even if your site received a lot of traffic.
  • Backups Daily – Automatic updates through WordPress’ built-in functionality
  • Security – The security offered in a managed WordPress hosting environment is much more better than other hosting solutions.
  • Automatic Updates – With a managed WordPress hosting package, your hosting provider will take care of the updating process for you.
  • No Downtime – Your site will likely never go down, irrelevant of how much traffic you receive.

VPS Hosting

A second option is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) – this is like owning a portion of the building with private access to your section and no one else has access to your section without your permission.

You should go with VPS hosting if you have a sound technical knowledge and don’t mind setting up and taking care of your own private server. But over here, you can install your own operating system, allocate disk space, memory and configure it to suit your needs.

Benefits Of VPS Hosting

Full Control – In VPS hosting users will have the full control to your sever just like dedicated hosting. users can fully access to their server that becomes good to install their own framework and software.

Cost effectiveness – VPS hosting lies in between shared hosting and dedicated hosting and meaning that it’s greatly affordable when compared to the dedicated hosting.

Privacy & Security – In VPS hosting you do not need to worry about any virus and malicious activities and you’re free from any hackers.

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