Now the all-new eero WiFi router system has been available with better performance

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If you really want Wi-Fi that just works, everywhere in your home. Recently, Eero came out with new devices and the company claims that the new routers have two times the energy and variety as the unique structures, and there are new satellite devices, known as Beacon, which can be less complicated to install round your home.

Eero WiFi Router System Design

The all-new eero WiFi system includes an eero hub and 2 eero beacons. The brand new eero has a equal minimal and compact appearance design as the standard eero, and it is able to be brought on your present eero system. Using Ethernet port or wi-fi connectivity, you could connect it together with your modem and make it become the middle of your local network.

eero router

Eero WiFi Router System Features

Together with the effective tri-band radios this new WiFi router gives increased speed and range. In the meantime, this new WiFi machine functions non-compulsory eero Beacons. each beacon functions a minimum and more compact appearance layout. With incorporated prongs, the beacon can be plugged in any wall outlet. Based on the scale of your house, customers can freely add one or more beacons in an effort to make wi-fi signal cover your entire home.

By the way, the beacon capabilities a built-in nightlight. Integrated light sensor automatically adjust the brightness relying on the time of day. Of course, you can also freely manage the light through its custom app.

Eero WiFi Router System Price

The all-new eero WiFi router system comes at a cost of $399.99 including an eero and two beacons. If you really interested, just visit eero official site for its more details.

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